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Letter: ES Exec to Dean - March 2007

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Letter: ES Exec to Dean - March 2007
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Dear André Lalonde, Dean of the Faculty of Science,
As the executive members of the Environmental Studies Student Association, OIKOS, we were disappointed to learn that Prof. Rancourt may not be teaching the PHY1703 course in the 2007-2008 year and that the course may not be given in conjunction with SCI 1501.
Many Environmental Studies students, including all the executive members of this association, took the compulsory environmental physics course when it was taught by professor Rancourt in the Fall of 2005.
We found this course to be extremely enriching. With the help of diverse uniquely positioned guest speakers, professor Rancourt taught Environmental Studies students the fundamentals of Physics and the Environment.
Environmental Studies students were provided with an individualized and customized learning environment including a explicitly tailored physics text. Environmental studies students were able to connect and to learn together in physics work groups supervised and guided by professor Rancourt.
When the course was offered in 2005, it included students from other programs as well as community members. Their presence added different perspectives that benefited all students.  It would, therefore, be highly desirable to give this course in conjunction with SCI 1501, as it would ensure this variety in the discussions and in the work groups.
Prof. Rancourt is a phenomenal teacher. This Oikos executive found him always available to answer questions and provide advice and encouragement. Environmental Studies students excelled in PHY 1703 thanks to professor Rancourt’s enthusiasm and commitment to the course. Oikos feels that no other professor could provide Environmental Studies students with such an enriching introductory physics course.
A goal of the Environmental Studies program is to provide students with a diverse and well-rounded education about our natural environment. We feel that professor Rancourt, through the PHY 1703 course in 2005, significantly contributed to not only our education as future environmental leaders in the work force, but also created a positive learning environment where inspired students gained confidence and courage.
On behalf of the students in Environmental Studies, we strongly encourage you to support professor Rancourt as he teaches, inspires, and empowers new generations of Environmental Studies student to carry their education, knowledge and experience into the future.
Oikos – Environmental Studies Student Association
Elizabeth Holloway – Co-Director
Elysia Reitberger – Co- Director
Annelise Petlock – VP Finances - Anglophone
Sarah Carrière – VP Finances – Francophone
Jessica Valois – VP Communications
Pamela Tokarew - VP University Affairs
 CC:     Chairman of Physics, Richard Hodgson
            Denis Rancourt
            Director of the Environmental Studies Program, Daniel Lagarec
            All professors in the Environmental Studies Program