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Gerald L. Ohlsen
Retired Senior Diplomat

Dear Mr. Patry,

On November 15, 2006, I sent to you, by email, the letter which appears below [see letter]. As you may recall, the burden of that letter was to congratulate the University on offering the course Science in Society (SCI 1101) and to urge you to promote and advertise the course "as an example of the richness and imagination to be experienced at the University of Ottawa".

I regret to note that you have neither answered my letter nor in any way sought to recognize the outstanding contribution this course makes to the student experience at your institution. My wife and I continued throughout the term to attend the course and the indirectly associated film series, Cinema Politica, and continue to believe that it is an immensely rewarding experience for all who attend.

There now appears to be some question as to whether the course will be offered in the next academic term and the much-desired second year course created. Let me urge you to accelerate the approval of these courses, which can bring nothing but credit and respect to the University, and, more importantly, learning and challenge to your student body.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Gerald L. Ohlsen


see also: Letter of Support by Gerald Ohlsen, 15 November 2006

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