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Letter to UofO Pres. Gilles Patry, from Matthew Morgan-Brown, 2 April 2007
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Matthew Morgan-Brown,

President Gilles Patry,
I am writing you today in order to let you know that the science in society course -activism course- should be offered by the University of Ottawa. I had the chance to be at the class quite a bit, and so got the chance to listen to a number of excellent speakers, to learn about grassroots activism that is going on in Ottawa, and to take part in classroom discussions about some of the most important events (such as the occupations of afghanistan and haiti) in the world today. The first year science in society class should continue, and it should receive the resoursces it requires to run efficiently.

The second year activism course is simply more of a good thing. Like all second year (and third year, etc) courses, it will give students the opportunity to broaden and deepen their understanding of the subject at hand. In this case, their critical analyses of canadian society, and science.

The recent attempt to shut down the cinema politica is clearly an attempt to punish denis rancourt and the studnets who run it. The cinema politica, which i've also gone to, is a highly popular event where a number of people are able to meet, watch a good movie, and have a talk about it. The attempt to shut it down is, all supposed justification to the side, merely a malicious attack on certain people that the university looks at as trouble nakers. It is an attempt to silence critical voices in the university community.


Matthew Morgan-Brown

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