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Letter to UofO Pres. Gilles Patry, from Peggy Mason, April 2, 2007

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Peggy Mason,
University of Ottawa alumni,
member of the Common Law Honour Society.

Dear President Patry,

This email is to urge you to reconsider what I am led to believe is the university's intention to cancel Denis Rancourt's very popular Activism course.

I am a graduate of the Honours B.A. programme (1972) and the LL.B. programme (1975) at the University of Ottawa. I was the gold medallist in both cases. I am a member of the Common Law Honour Society. I am a former Canadian Ambassdor for Disarmament.

And I am appalled that the university would consider shutting down this very popular course that is a breath of fresh air in today's ever more conformist and cowed society. I know something about this course because I have a close colleague - a retired diplomat - who audited the course this year. He loved it and believes it is very, very useful in exposing students to critical thinking and public advocacy.

I hope to audit the course this coming fall. Please ensure that the course will be offered again.

Peggy Mason

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