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April 4th Lunch with Gilles and FEC Demands Campaign

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[[[3) April 4th Lunch with Gilles and FEC Demands Campaign

Rally and demonstration on the front steps of Tabaret Hall (550 Cumberland, enter grounds via Laurier), starts at 11:30am.  Free Vegan food will be served by PRD (People’s Republic of Delicious) of SWACC. 

Open mic:  All poets, musicians, speakers welcome!

Bring signs like:
- UofO crushes free expression
- Activism Course must be given!
- We won’t stand for being stepped on!
[or anything better? or just come to the event!]

During this lunch, the FEC demands will be expressed and speakers will address Gilles and media reporters.  Gilles will be asked to respond. 

Following this, the demonstrators will go to Gilles Patry’s office in Tabaret to present the FEC demands. 

The FEC demands are:

(1) The AC (SCI 1101/1501, Science in Society) will be given in the fall 2007 term.  The French/bilingual version (SCI 1501) will be offered, simultaneously (same speakers, same room) with PHY 1703, and will be given by DGR. 

(2) The second-year AC (SCI 2101/2501) will be approved and the French/bilingual version will be offered in the fall 2007 term, simultaneously (same speakers, same room) with SCI 1502 and PHY 1703, and will be given by DGR. 

(3) Sufficient resources will be provided for these courses. Teacher assistant (TA) resources will be provided in an amount sufficient to fully implement the workgroup pedagogical method (1 TA per 10 registered students).  A speaker budget (travel and accommodation) of $5000 will be granted and will be controlled by the registered students, in consultation with the professor DGR. 

These are firm demands that must be granted. 

Filled out course registration forms can also be delivered to the Registrar’s Office in the same building (Tabaret).