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Letter to UofO Pres. Gilles Patry, from Majorie Stewart, 4 April 2007
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Majorie Stewart,
Community Member

President Gilles Patry
Office of the president
University of Ottawa
April 4, 2007

Re: Activism Course under Any Name

Dear President Patry,
I write as a fellow Canadian anxious to promote critical thinking and individual autonomy in place of the apathy and credulousness currently demonstrated by many of our citizens. Such a state is not conducive to the development of democracy, which is still at a very primitive state in the world.

I was delighted when recently a friend passed along to me some of the thoughtful writings of Professor Denis Rancourt exchanged within his SCI 1101 course. I thought this material spoke well for opportunities at the University of Ottawa to practice critical analysis with the help of a teacher trained in the scientific method.

I urge you to resist opposition to the SCI 1101/1501 and SCI 2101/2501 courses and the Cinema Politica series in whatever form it takes. Many of us in the broader community are watching developments on this issue and hope to be able to point to U of Ottawa as a beacon of hope.

I see a clear conflict between forces of intellectual freedom and forces of academic elitism here. Please let me know what your position is.

I am hoping that you will be unequivocal in your support for this innovative teacher in this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Marjorie Stewart.


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