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Freedom of Expression Committee

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Express yourself! Be creative. Write a firm letter (e-mail) of support for SCI 1502 to be given in the fall 2007 term, for the Ottawa Cinema Politica series to continue, and for SCI 2101 (the second-year Science, Activism, and Society course) to be created for September 2007. The University should encourage and celebrate this project rather than frustrate it.

Relate your desire to take these courses or relate your past experiences with these events. Be firm and request an answer. Put the FEC in cc:

Put the Dean of the Faculty of Science (Andre Lalonde, in cc. Put Prof. Denis Rancourt ( in cc.

The president can be reached as follows (and must respond to your queries):

President Gilles Patry
Office of the president
University of Ottawa
Tabaret Hall (Room 212)
550 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, ON
K1N 6N5

FAX: 613-562-5103; Tel.: 613-562-5809 


[Please always put the FEC in cc: or FAX 613-565-8881.]

Voila! Enjoy your activism.